Project Team Members

Updated July 2018

Upcoming Meetings


The SHRWD will host the initial Project Team Meeting on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 at 9:00am at the District Office, 219 N Mill Street, Fertile, MN 56540. The SHRWD is proceeding as the Local Sponsoring Organization for completion of a NRCS Watershed Planning effort for the Sand Hill River Watershed that is located upstream of Beltrami, MN. The meeting will present and discuss the following items: Background, Purpose and Need, and Scoping of Resource Concerns.


The concept of a “Project Team” was created in the Red River Basin Flood Damage Reduction (FDR) Work Group mediation agreement, December 9, 1998. The agreement outlines a project development process for reducing flood damages and improving natural resources in the Minnesota portion of the Red River Basin. The agreement also involves early consultation and collaboration among all stakeholders and a cooperative approach to permitting projects.

Project Team Responsibilities

Are responsible for working with a project from development of a project concept to project construction and monitoring. A Project Team (PT) consists of appropriate stakeholders (watershed districts, state, federal and tribal agency personnel, local government officials, affected landowners and interested citizen group representatives), including at least one designated contact person from each agency. Members of the PT are appointed by the local watershed board of managers. More specifically, the work of a PT is to:

  • Identify problems and opportunities for flood damage reduction and natural resource enhancement in areas identified by the watershed district.
  • Formulate and evaluate alternative solutions that will address the problems and opportunities.
  • Recommend preferred alternative solutions to the watershed district.
  • Identify and clarify regulatory requirements and permitting.
  • Review and comment on key project documents.
  • Assist in formulation of project operating and monitoring plans where required.
Project Proposers

Can use the PT process for projects that are large, complex, or have the potential to be controversial. However, even smaller or relatively minor projects can be advanced through this process if the project proposer believes that the project could be expedited or would benefit from the group decision-making process. The project proposer may also want additional insights or guidance on regulatory coordination.

PT Handbook

The FDR Work Group has developed a PT Handbook that contains all the information needed to manage the PT process. The Handbook is available for watershed district managers and administrators as well as the members of the PTs. The Handbook can be found at this website.

Mediation Agreement

The Mediation Agreement is the product of eight months of consensus-based, mediated negotiations by the Red River Basin Flood Damage Reduction Work Group (“Work Group”). It responds to a mandate from the Minnesota Legislature to resolve gridlock over state permitting of flood damage reduction projects in the Red River Basin. The agreement is intended as the framework for a new, collaborative approach to implementing both flood damage reduction and natural resource protection and enhancement in the Red River Basin in ways that will benefit all Minnesota’s citizens. The keys to this new approach are clearly identified goals, comprehensive watershed planning, early consultation and collaboration on flood damage reduction projects among stakeholders, and a cooperative approach to permitting of those projects.

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