Committee Meetings:

The advisory committee last met on November 25, 2019. The committee meets once every year or as needed at the call of the chair.

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Name Affiliation City Telephone
Rory Hamre Polk County Landowner Beltrami 926-5763
Roger Black Polk County Landowner Fertile 945-3550
Jerry Jacobson Polk County Commissioner Fertile 945-6017
Danny Grunhovd Norman County Landowner Gary 945-6266
Al Grunhovd Norman County Landowner Gary 945-3880
David Johnstad Polk County Landowner Beltrami 926-5663
Bruce Stromstad Polk County Landowner Beltrami 926-5774
Allan Stromstad Polk County Landowner Beltrami 926-5513
Steve Taylor Fertile Concervation Club Chair Fertile 945-6552
Jim Todahl Advisory Committee Chairman Fertile 945-6426
Scott Tollefson Polk County Landowner Fertile 945-3053
Matt Erickson Polk County Landowner Fertile 945-3323
Aaron Iverson Mahnomen County Landowner Winger 938-4777
Gerald Paulson Mahnomen County Landowner Winger 763-218-5775
Chuck Lucken Polk County Landowner Fosston 435-1959
Joan Lee Farm Bureau McIntosh 563-2762
Kenny Pederson East Polk SWCD Fertile 637-0696
Aaron Neubert Mahnomen Co. SWCD Mahnomen 935-2987
Lori Thronson Norman Co. SWCD Twin Valley 584-5169
Nicole Bernd West Polk SWCD Crookston 281-6070
Wayne Goeken River Watch Fertile 280-0516
Phillip Swenson Norman County Landowner Fertile 686-4297
Scott Balstad Polk County Landowner Fosston 435-2173