Beaver Bounty Program

BeaverBeavers are a recurring problem throughout the Sand Hill River Watershed District. In an attempt to address the problems of tree damage and flooding caused by beavers, the SHRWD Board in consultation with township representatives in the District have a cooperative program to address beaver control in the SHRWD. The program is as follows:

Beaver Control Program for Sand Hill River Watershed District
1.)  A bounty of $50 will be paid to authorized personnel for each beaver eliminated from a designated beaver control area. The SHRWD will reimburse $40 of the bounty with the Township paying $10 of the bounty.
2.)  Each Township is responsible for:

       a.) Pre-approving of individuals who are authorized to control beavers;

  1. Designating to these individuals the areas where beaver control is to occur within their townships;
  2. Verifying the numbers of beavers eliminated by the individual and making payment to the individuals for said beaver; and
  3. Submitting an annual invoice to the SHRWD, (PO Box 584, Fertile, MN 56540) for reimbursement for payments made for beaver control in the natural waters of the SHRWD.

For purposes of this program, natural waters of the SHRWD include the main channel of the Sand Hill River and its natural, free-flowing tributaries including Township right of way. It does not include County ditches, Watershed ditches, or ditches constructed for drainage on private lands. The County and Watershed District take care of County and Watershed ditches respectively.

The above program was agreed upon by the Board of Managers of the SHRWD at their April 12, 1994 Board meeting and subsequently revised at the April 2, 2002 and the April 5, 2011 board meeting.

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Participating Townships

  • Bejou
  • Heier
  • Garden
  • Garfield
  • Godfrey
  • Hammond
  • Hubbard
  • Liberty
  • Onstad
  • Reis
  • Rosebud
  • Sletten
  • Vineland
  • Winger
  • Union Lake Improvement District