Current Conditions
Sand Hill River near Climax, Minnesota

(Source: USGS and NWS)

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Third Tuesday of every month - RRWMB Meeting.

District Maps

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How it works

The Web Mapping Application page has four main parts:
  • image1 Menubar Drop Down Options and Toolbar
    • The Toolbar enables you to interact with the map. Navigation tools include:
      • image7 Zoom to Previous Extent
      • image5 Zoom to Next Extent
      • image8 Zoom In
      • image9 Zoom Out
      • image6 Pan the Map
    • A tool tip is available by hovering over the tool icon.
  • image2 Table of Contents provides layer list and information when map is queried, as well a zoom-to list to quickly move to a variety of features.
  • image3 Map Display shows the interactive map which you can navigate an query.
  • image4 Footer Information provides information about the map, such as map scale and map coordinates as user moves the mouse over the map.

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