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Sand Hill River near Climax, Minnesota

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Project # 2 - Flood Detention Structure
V. Olson Dam

Bear ParkProject No. 2 in Section 21 of Garden Township in Polk County was began with the construction of a detention dam on the outlet channel from a basin.

On June 5, 1975, the Board authorized preliminary studies on the is project. On October 2, 21979, the Engineer's Report was presented to teh Board. The Board hoped to fund this project totally between the Lower Red River Water Management Board and their district. On October 3, 1979, the Sand Hill Board was granted 90% funding from the Lower Red River Board for this project.

The Department of Natural Resources permit was applied for on October 5, 1979. The report of the Director, Division of Waters, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, was received December 14, 1979. This conditional permit authorized the Board to construct this dam after the Dam Safety Section approves the final plans and specifications. Dam Safety Section's approval came with the authroized permit on December 28, 1979. The Water Resources Board's comments were received January 18, 1980.

The Bid opening was held July 1, 1980.