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Sand Hill River near Climax, Minnesota

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City of Nielsville Ring Dike

Nielsville map             

Many of the communities within the SHRWD experienced record flood levels during the Spring of 1997 and the 2009 flood.  These events required significant temporary emergency protection measures (i.e. emergency levees, sandbagging,...) to be completed by small cities with limited emergency management capabilities and resources.  This project provides permanent flood protection for the City of Nielsville within the western portion of the Sand Hill River Watershed District.  The scope of work will primarily involve the construction of flood control levees, internal storm water pumping stations and equipment, and project engineering and administration.

Phase 1: Funding was previously provided by the MNDNR FDR Grant Assistance Program on a 50/50 match was used to complete preliminary design, planning, and the Project Engineer’s Report.

Phase 2: Funding will be used to finalized plans and specifications, right-of-way acquisition, and construction levee and incidental items. MnDOT has scheduled reconstruction of TH 75 within Nielsville in 2016, and this will provide an FDR cost reduction of up to $400,000 to the flood protection project if both project’s construction is coordinated in FY 2016. Phase 2 is subdivided into FY16 and FY17, with funds in FY16 used to capitalize on cost savings associated with the MN DOT Trunk Highway 75 construction. The remainder of construction is proposed in FY17.

Phase 3 - Future: An anticipated cooperative effort between the City of Nielsville, Polk County, MNDOT, and the SHRWD will include the construction of permanent road raises on Highway No. 75 near the south extents of the project, and along 3rd Street near the east extent of the project. When completed, this will reduce the added costs for flood fighting, extended transportation closures, costly damage to the existing roadways, and public safety concerns for the traveling public. Timeline for the proposed road raises will be completed at a future date to align with future road maintenance projects (TBD).

Flood Control Benefits    

  • Flood protection for city of 90 residents, 19 families, and 42 households
  • Flood protection for city’s public utilities including sanitary sewer, water, and streets
  • Public highway grade raises will limit the need for temporary closures
  • Permanent flood protection of property and infrastructure to 100 yr. design flood plus 3-ft

Project Cost: $3.57M        State $3.54M / Non-state $26K

Status:   Phase 1 – Complete  
Phase 2 – FY 2016 Request
Phase 3 – Dependent on others