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Sand Hill River near Climax, Minnesota

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City of Climax Ring Dike

City of Climax MapDescription/Location:

Many of the communities within the SHRWD experienced record flood levels during the Spring of 1997 and the 2009 flood.  This resulted in the need for significant emergency measures (i.e. emergency levees, sandbagging, utility protection...) to be completed by the cities.  This project will provide permanent flood protection for the City of Climax within the westerly portion of the Sand Hill River Watershed District, reducing future flooding impacts to the city’s public and private infrastructure, utilities, and properties.  This will involve construction of flood control levees, water and wastewater utility protection, storm water pumping stations and equipment, flood prone property acquisition, and project engineering and administration.  Climax Flooding

Flood prone houses have been relocated.  Phase 1 public utility relocation work will complete construction in September 2015.  Phase 2 levee and internal storm water management plans are nearly complete and prepared for 2015 construction.  MnDOT reconstruction of TH220 through Climax in 2016 will compliment construction operations of phase 2. Project will provide long term growth ability for the City.

Flood Control Benefits          

  • Flood protection for city of 267 residents, 63 families and 112 households
  • Protection of over $5.7M estimated market value
  • Permanent flood protection to flood of record plus 3-ft of freeboard


Project Cost: $3.2M   State $3.0M / Non-state $200K*

*Non State City portion based on 2% of 2010 Median Household Income plus non-participating items

Status: Phase 1 Bid Opening January 15, 2015;
Phase 1 Construction Completed September 2015