Current Conditions
Sand Hill River near Climax, Minnesota

(Source: USGS and NWS)

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Regular Meetings

First Tuesday of every month - Board of Managers Meeting. Click here to view our minutes.

Second Tuesday of every month - Project Team Meeting. Click here to view the project team minutes.

Third Tuesday of every month - RRWMB Meeting.

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April Swenby has worked for the Sand Hill River Watershed District since the fall of 2001. She is a graduate from the Nothwest Technical College in East Grand Forks in software solutions with an emphasis on bookkeeping and has also earned her degree in Web-graphic and Design in 2011 from Moorhead. She is employed by the district as the Administrative Assistant. She maintains the financials, creates and maintains the district website, and attends the district meetings and maintains the records. Above all, she is the assistant to the Administrator.